Coco Crisp’s return to the Cleveland Indians makes a fan happy — nine years later

SEPT. 16 UPDATE: Upon returning from the team’s road trip to Minnesota and Chicago, Coco signed a ball for Spencer:


A colleague was sifting through an old pile of stuff in our library at Progressive Field recently and stumbled upon the letter below:

Given Coco Crisp’s recent return to the club, we couldn’t believe our good fortune in timing!

So we called in a favor from the Lakewood School District to see if they could help connect us with ol’ Spencer, and sure enough — voila! We talked to him on Tuesday.

“I totally remember sending this. It was a project for school, a persuasive essay when I was in fifth grade. I was super into baseball as a kid, and played through my sophomore year. I was very upset when Coco and Victor left.

“A few years later, I wrote an essay for another class, wrote to Victor – someone sent me an autographed picture. Not sure where that ended up.

“When the Indians got Coco back, it rang a couple bells and when you reached out I couldn’t believe you’d found this letter. Obviously I was the reason he’s back.

“My favorite part is the part about if you guys need any more advice on how to manage a team, I could help.”

–TribeVibe contributor Joel Hammond

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