Beat the Heat: Tips to stay cool and hydrated at Progressive Field

With temperatures anticipated to rise into the 90s on Thursday, and hotter temperatures on the way, we’d like to offer a couple tips to stay cool:


1. Every fan is allowed to bring one factory-sealed 20-ounce bottle of water into the park.


2. Bottles can be refilled at drinking fountains located around the park.
a) Water fountains are located at sections 504, 508, 511, 516, 527, 529, 548, 552, 553, 557, 558, 564, 567, 575, 577, 316, 101, 111, 117, 119, 121, 130, 140, 170, 176, 181, 184


3. Keep hydrated and periodically seek shade in order to avoid the effects of the extreme heat.

All fans are able to visit The Corner, which will offer shade, along with concourses along the first and third-base sides.

1 Comment

I think that is wonderful of you to let people know where to fill their water bottle. And telling them where to find the shade. You have a lot of elderly people at the games, but even children need a little shade on days like this. Thanks And one more thing, I am proud of the team when playing in this heat, it has to be very hard on their bodies.

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