Cleveland Indians SS Francisco Lindor swaps signed batting gloves with a young fan

makhi williams

When Makhi Williams and his mom came to Progressive Field on Tuesday night, they had one goal in mind, one person they just desperately wanted to meet.

“My favorite player is by far Francisco Lindor,” said the 9-year-old from Garfield Heights, Ohio.

So much his favorite, in fact, that Makhi had a plan if he were given the chance to meet his hero. He even came prepared.

Makhi plays on the Parma Warriors Youth Baseball team, so, a ballplayer himself, his plan was to ask his favorite player if he wanted to swap batting gloves.

Makhi and his mom got to the ballpark early and lined up along the third base line where they hoped Lindor would come, as he often did, to sign some autographs pregame.

And that he did.

Makhi excitedly explained this situation to Frankie, handled him his gloves and, without hesitation, Frankie called over a bat boy. He whispered something quickly to the bat boy, and continued signing for fans on the third base line.

Minutes later, the bat boy reemerged with a fresh pair of Francisco’s white gloves — emblazoned, as all of his equipment is, with “B.C.” for “be consistent”, something Lindor hopes to be reminded of each time he looks down.

He signed the batting gloves for Makhi, as Makhi exclaimed “You just made my life, you’re the best player EVER!”

frankie signing batting gloves

Frankie then posed for photos and safely tucked Makhi’s batting gloves into his back pocket right aside his own pair of “B.C.” batting gloves, and he went back to warm up along the third-base line.

As he ran out, he made a gesture back to Makhi, who, as you could imagine was clutching onto his fresh new batting gloves and showing off his best Francisco Lindor impression.

No, not making ridiculous web-gem caliber plays, but instead, grinning from ear-to-ear.

-TribeVibe Contributor Missy Perez

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