Cleveland Indians last 11-game win streak was in 1982 — what else was in 1982?


Cleveland Municipal Stadium in April 1982

The Cleveland Indians beat the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday to run the club’s win streak to 11, a streak in which the Indians have beaten opponents by a combined score of 73-25.

The team’s hitters are batting .317 during the stretch, while the team’s starters have a 2.07 ERA, helping the club match its longest win streak since 1982.

Some other facts about 1982, other than a red-hot Tribe squad from May 23-June 4:

  • Ronald Reagan was president
  • Average Income per year $21,050.00.
  • Average Monthly Rent $320.00.
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas 91 cents.

During 1982’s 11 gamer: MAY 23-JUNE 4th

Indians second baseman Jack Perconte grew a winning streak beard: “Jack Perconte will have to keep his beard for another day. The Indians’ second baseman is looking scruffy these days because he has proclaimed, “I’m not going to shave until we lose.” That was 11 games ago.

“Listen, 11 in a row is 11 in a row no matter who you beat,” said the Tribe’s Toby Harrah

May 30th: Cal Ripken begins his consecutive game streak (May 30th)

May 30th: Gordon Johncock defeats Rick Mears by 0.16 seconds in the Indianapolis 500

Past the win streak, but interesting nonetheless: June 11: ET: The Extra-Terrestrial is released.

–Indians curator/historian Jeremy Feador

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Wow, that was very interesting! Wish gas prices were still that low !!! And the part about the beard, If I remember correctly, the Indians had something going on with nearly all of them growing a beard 2 or 3 yrs ago. I’m 70 yrs young and I won’t miss a game, if I have to go somewhere, I listen to them on the radio. Love you guys. Hopefully your winning streak doesn’t stop anytime soon. !!!

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