Party At Napoli’s T-shirts coming soon to Cleveland Indians Team Shop


They’re arriving soon, and they’ll be available for purchase.

What is that we’re referring to? You guessed it. Your own personal “Party At Napoli’s” T-shirt.


You may have seen Mike Napoli wearing the shirt in a post-game interview with Andre Knott following his walk-off sac fly against the Kansas City Royals on June 2.

You may have even heard Mike mutter to Andre: “Party at Napoli’s? Let’s do it!”

So where did this all come from?

It all began with #IndiansTwitter user @HipsterTito. He and friends had plans to participate in our #TribeLive section that night, and had the idea to make a sign to celebrate Mike’s achievements — a slogan which quickly caught on.


It caught on so well, that we delivered Mike the makeshift version of the shirt (seen in the photo with Andre above), and well, he loved it.

He even commented how he wanted everybody wearing them, so we had the idea: Why not create “Party At Napoli’s” shirts for all fans to enjoy? We asked Mike his thoughts, and he was all for it.

All for it indeed, on one condition — he requested a portion of all proceeds go to Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

A party for the kids? That’s a party everyone should attend!

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