EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Chatting with Ketchup after Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis took him out


Ketchup is known by many as the troublemaker of our mascot group – he wears Ricky Vaughn glasses, is a trickster during the nightly Sugardale Hot Dog Derby and is generally known as the problem child of the hot dog trio.

But he was on the receiving end of some hijinks on Wednesday night at the hands of another noted trickster: Tribe second baseman Jason Kipnis.

ICYMI: As the Hot Dog Derby began, Ketchup took out Mustard and Onion to get an early lead. And then, for some reason, Jason Kipnis took him out – then flexed on him. It was abhorrent. Watch for yourself:

So we caught up with Ketchup this morning to see how the big guy was doing after his run-in with Kip.

@Indians: How are you feeling?
Ketchup: My shoulder hurts from when I landed, but people aren’t talking about the right thing – Kip knocked me over and I still dominated the race. Losers makes excuses. Winners, like myself, just win.

@Indians: Some people will say, ‘Oh, this was premeditated, the race is fixed anyway, Ketchup was in on it, it was all a show.’ What’s your response to that?
Ketchup: I would ask those people, Is WWE fake?

@Indians: WWE is fake.
Ketchup: Bet you wouldn’t say that to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

@Indians: Let’s move on. Why do you think Kip did this to you?
Ketchup: When you are as great as I am, people get jealous. Maybe Mustard paid him off, maybe Kip has a thing for Onion. But I’m pretty sure he knows I’d dominate him in the derby if he ever raced, so he tried to deflect attention away from my dominance. Guess what?! Didn’t work!

@Indians: Do you think he’ll apologize? Would you accept if he does?
Ketchup: Depends. He is a repeat mascot offender now.

@Indians: Depends on?
Ketchup: If he makes a donation to the Mascot Association of America on my behalf for mascot school scholarships for young budding mascots. And hey, fans can do their part to support me at Friday night’s game by Rocking Their Red!

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