News photographer/Indians phan Dave Spangler has a long drive home from Philly after losing a bet

The great thing about the baseball season? There are 162 games.

Teams go through winning streaks, teams go through losing streaks — there are sweeps, and sometimes, you get swept.

Unfortunately, the latter happened for the Tribe this weekend, at the hand of the Philadelphia Phillies.

And while we hate losing just as much as anyone, we do have to extend our sincerest apologies to Cleveland 19’s photographer Dave Spangler AKA @PhotoDave19.

Why are we apologizing to our dear friend Photo Dave you may ask?

Well, here’s the deal.

So Dave is as loyal a Tribe fan as you can get, and a friendly bet with his sister led to him making the drive back from Philly to Cleveland like THIS…

But it just keeps getting better…

See, Dave is not only a good photographer, but is also good for his word, as he rocked that Phanatic hat the whole way home.

He even made a pit stop for yogurt, but according to this image provided by Photo Dave, eating yogurt is not ALWAYS as glamorous as Jaime Lee Curtis makes it seem in those Activia commercials.

And finally, it was back on the road for Dave — a pit stop in Bedford before he crossed over that border back into the great state of Ohio, where his Phillie Phanatic fuzzy hat could become just something of the past.

We do apologize, but we also applaud you, Dave. You’re a trooper.

-TribeVibe Contributor Missy Perez

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