Cleveland Indians Executive Chef Josh Ingraham continues racking up awards, gaining national attention

It wasn’t long ago that we wrote on the success of our Executive Chef, Josh Ingraham.

Just last month, he placed second out of 64 in a national Avocado Madness competition held in San Diego.

And since then, Josh has made every effort — despite an extremely busy schedule here at the ballpark, to remain visual in the culinary community.

Just like that, it’s no surprise that Josh was named the People’s Choice Award winner of a recent contest held by Barilla called “Represent your Region”.

People's choice

Over 380 chefs from all across the nation submitted a recipe for this event, and the community was open to vote — selecting Josh’s recipe among all the entries.

What did he make, you may ask?

Well, Barilla sent each participant a box of pasta to use, and he took it even a step further by incorporating locally grown carrots from the Chef’s Garden in Huron, Ohio, and pairing that with some handmade mozzarella noodles.

Josh, in his own words, said, “I used the entire carrot from top to bottom with a carrot top pesto and candied carrot curls to garnish the dressed Barilla Fettucine with fresh micro basil and handmade mozzarella noodles.”

Let us guess, reading that just made you hungry? Because us too.

And we’re about to make you even hungrier.

Mozz fettuccine

Yes, that is the winning submission, Josh’s delicious Mozzarella Fettuccine.

Josh said, “As always I’m very proud to represent both Delaware North and the Cleveland Indians each time I compete.”

But in all honesty, we think we’re the extra proud ones here! Congratulations, Josh! We’re lucky to have you.

-TribeVibe contributor Missy Perez

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