Cleveland Indians chef Josh Ingraham advances to final round of Avocado Madness competition in San Diego


Last month, we covered our chefs, Josh Ingraham and Andy Johnson — who were participating in the Chef’s Roll Avocado Madness competition — where, at the time of our first story, they had advanced to the Elite Eight round of the competition. You can see that story here.

Well, as March has come and gone, the Avocado Madness competition is still in full swing, with the final round of competition happening TONIGHT in San Diego. And, you guessed it — our own Josh Ingraham has made it to the final round.

Josh Ingraham wowed the judges with his filet tartate, a deconstructed burger, and beat out stiff competition (there were 64 total chefs enrolled at the start of this!) to make his way to the final round.

He will face Ashleigh Fleming Scherman, the Executive Chef of the Carolina Club at UNC, in front of a live audience and celebrated judging panel this afternoon in San Diego.

You can watch the competition LIVE on their Facebook page, starting at 7:30PM ET HERE.

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