Behind the scenes on Indians rookie Tyler Naquin’s major league debut


Tyler Naquin shakes Manager Terry Francona’s hand before heading out to take the field on Opening Day.

While this year’s #TribeOpener was definitely a different Opening Day than many had planned, it was still a very special moment for Tribe Rookie OF Tyler Naquin.

Coming off of a scorching spring, Naquin was informed toward the end of it that he would be making his major league debut with the Indians — as he was officially a part of the Opening Day roster.‘s Zack Meisel writes about the emotional and exciting journey for the Naquin family from the moment Tyler was notified he had been invited to “The Show”, through his first major league at-bat in yesterday’s 6-2 loss to Boston.


From Meisel’s story:

“It’s like you dream of it for so long,” Tyler said,

“and it finally happens and you’re lost in the moment,

and you get out of it and you’re like, ‘That just happened.'”

His family watched from their seats behind the third-base side of home plate.

“It was awesome,” Zac said. “He was one, big smile.”

Even Tyler knew he couldn’t stop beaming.

“The whole time,” he said. “I don’t know. Not many words.

Unless you do it yourself, it’s hard to explain. It’s just surreal.”


Tyler’s first at-bat came as a pinch hitter in the 7th, as he strolled to the plate for the first time to raucous applause, and even a “Let’s Go, Tyler!” chant bellowing throughout Progressive Field.

He struck out on three pitches, but is more than ready to get things started as a young outfielder for the Tribe.

As Zack Meisel quotes him in the final line of his story:

“I was a little anxious,” he said. “But now it’s time to go to work.”

To read Zack’s whole account on Naquin’s #TribeOpener journey, click here.

-TribeVibe Contributor Missy Perez

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