Use’s Ballpark App at Progressive Field for free stuff, offers and more


If you don’t have’s Ballpark App, the official app of Progressive Field, you’ll want to get it soon.

We’ll have great stuff on the app all season, long, and using it will enhance your experience at the ballpark. It’ll make your trip more convenient with digital ticket management, plus give you free stuff just for using it. (Maybe.)

Some notes on this year’s version of the app:

  • The Ballpark app’s main focus is to make fan’s lives easier through its improved ticketing components:
    • Never print your tickets again.  If you always bring your phone with you to the game, you already have your tickets in your hand.  Manage them via the Ballpark app by logging on through your linked account.
    • With mobile tickets, you have access to the mobile only lines and ways for easier access as you enter the park.
    • Use Ballpark to buy tickets.  This season the ticket buying process will be much easier and faster than ever from Ballpark.
    • Use Ballpark to forward tickets, either one at a time or multiple at once (multiple is new this year!).  Use your own contact list to forward via email or text.
  • The MLB Ballpark app gives fans access to free Offers and Promotions with the ease of checking-in.  Only app users are able to unlock these special offers. This year we are giving out items such as touch screen gloves, signed memorabilia, discount offers, and much more.
  • The Ballpark app is the perfect companion for your visit to Progressive Field.  We have created brand new ways for you to have easier access to information during your time at the ballpark. You can access this information through tabs that include:
    • Live Chat with Fan Services – Click this form and you are instantly connected with a Fan Service Representative.
    • Food and Beverage –You can find information through the fully updated Directory & Map or the new Food & Beverage section which contains more specific information; including a Beer and Wine finder which highlights the location of all 66 different beers or wines.
    • Find out about the events and services available at the today’s game through information found under “Services and Information”.
    • Participate in contests and games by clicking into the new Live Experience tab.
    • Use the Ballpark Journal to keep track of all your visits, including visits to other parks.  The Journal also provides the box score, highlights, and a note pad for every game you’ve attended.
    • Much more is located within the app. Log on, manage your tickets here, and check out all of the new features for the 2016 season!

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