Baseball Heritage Museum Special Event at League Park


Professor Howard Williams, who teaches Linguistics at Columbia University, will be visiting the Baseball Heritage Museum at League Park this Saturday, March 12 to discuss the history of the Hough neighborhood.

Professor Williams has a personal connection to the Hough neighborhood dating back to his early childhood. He grew up near Chagrin and Lee Road and has seen the neighborhood transform over the years. Professor Williams said, “Cleveland’s Hough area has probably undergone a more turbulent evolution than any other section of the city.”

Professor Williams will be available to talk about the neighborhood’s history from noon – 1:00pm, followed by a question and answer session from 1:00pm – 2:00pm.

The Baseball Heritage Museum allows people to experience the lives and careers of groundbreaking baseball players through photos, uniforms and other memorabilia. Featured exhibits include the Kansas City Monarchs, Women’s Baseball, New York Cubans and more. The Baseball Heritage Museum in located at League Park, the oldest existing ballpark in the world.

-TribeVibe contributor Hailey Ellis


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