Cleveland Indians hoping for sock-cess this season


Striped high socks? One day they are in, one day they are out.

It seems that fans have taken a shine to the new socks that Tribe players are wearing in Goodyear. San Francisco, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore were just a few of the teams boasting similar beauties last season. Indians players took note and requested that the Tribe equipment managers acquire the stylish socks.


While this may seem like a new alteration to the overall uniform, it might just be a case of fashion coming back around. Over 80 years ago, the Tribe was sporting striped socks and this included a rookie farm boy from Van Meter, Iowa. Donning said socks, Robert William Andrew Feller began a stellar career as a strikeout king and Indians superstar. When the Tribe took the field against the Boston Braves, player manager Lou Boudreau and future Hall of Famer Larry Doby were wearing similar socks.

Fashion comes and fashion goes, but regardless of what socks our players are wearing, we do know that the Tribe is going to “make it work.” (That’s a “Project Runway” reference, guys.)

–Tribe curator/historian Jeremy Feador

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