Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco: a vital weapon in the Tribe’s rotation


The Tribe’s starting rotation has been getting a lot of coverage lately, especially with the new year rolling around and everyone starting to gear up for the 2016 season.

One man who has been no stranger to the attention is Indians right-handed hurler Carlos Carrasco.

Carrasco has really emerged in the past year and a half as one of the strongest starting pitchers in baseball, gaining a strong command on the mound, and intimidating batters with his impressive arsenal of different pitches.

FOX Sports and Baseball Prospectus writer Matt Trueblood highlights Carrasco and his dominance by analyzing his crippling pitches in his latest column. From Trueblood’s story:

The first thing that jumps out, in perusing Carrasco’s profile, is the depth of his arsenal. He has five distinct pitches: a four-seam fastball, a sinker, a slider, a changeup and a curveball. Each has a distinct role in his approach to opposing hitters, and notably, he threw each with some substantial frequency in 2015. His curve, the least vital weapon in his repertoire, still made up nearly eight percent of the pitches he threw last season, and batters who fell behind in the count against Carrasco (the poor souls) saw the pitch almost twice that often.

Trueblood dives deeper into Carrasco’s success and emergence by specifying his pitches and the statistics on each one separately in his article.

For more on the dynamic development of Carrasco, you can read Trueblood’s column here.

-TribeVibe contributor Missy Perez

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