FanGraphs has Indians projected to end 2016 atop the AL Central


It’s that time of the year again.

Yes, winter and snow. Yes, the start of a New Year. Yes, the desperate attempt to keep up New Years resolutions that you’re already starting to struggle on even though it’s only coming up on two weeks since the first of the year.

But that’s not what we’re talking about.

The time that we’re referring to is… time for people to start predicting what’s going to happen in the 2016 baseball season, though we all know how way-too-early predictions can sometimes turn out.

However, we’re still pretty excited to hear that FanGraphs has the Indians projected to win the AL Central, ending the season with a projected 85-77 record.

Sure, at this point, projections don’t mean much… But, it’s still always good news to see other people have faith in our Tribe, too.

For more in-depth charts and the whole FanGraphs projection, visit the list here.

-TribeVibe contributor Missy Perez

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