The best exchange you’ll probably see on Instagram today ft. Cleveland Indians infielder Jason Kipnis’s high school football days

We all know Jason Kipnis is a 12-sport star.

And now we have more proof of his football prowess, via an obscure November story from the Chicago area recounting Libertyville (Ill.)’s 2004 state football championship run.

The article highlights Libertyville defensive back Kevin Burns, who later went on to play for the University of Dayton.

It doesn’t fail to mention the only touchdown Burns allowed on defense that year, what he refers to as a “broken play”. A “broken play” that resulted in a 64-yard touchdown pass caught by none other than Glenbrook North High’s wide receiver…someone you may be familiar with, a young man named Jason Kipnis.

So naturally, Kip caught wind of the article – which led to one of the best reunions and exchanges on Instagram that we’ve seen in a while.

kip insta

Kipnis started the conversation by posting a screenshot of the article to his account, vocalizing that he hoped Burns would see his post and comment.

And it didn’t take long for friends of Burns to bring it to his attention…

Friends of Burns commenting

Then, finally, what we’d all been waiting for – the first, very profound communication from Burns himself.

Burns enters the convo

And, as expected, next came the fun part: the trash talking, which began shortly thereafter.

trash talking begins

Burns fires back

Next came one of our favorite parts of the whole exchange, the assurance from Burns that there’s a tape of said play which should be blessing the Internet very soon.

video coming soon

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited to see video proof of the time Burns got burned… at the hands of Jason Kipnis, of course.

If you want to read more about the 2004 Libertyville state champs, CLICK HERE.

–TribeVibe contributor Missy Perez

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