Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal: Indians GM Mike Chernoff and a unique tradition with his dad, Mark



Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal tells us of a fantastic story about new Indians General Manager Mike Chernoff and his dad, who made a pact long ago to continue a tradition: Play catch at least once a month.

An excerpt from Ken’s story, the remainder of which you can read here:

The father is the vice president of programming for WFAN Sports Radio in New York. The son is the new general manager of the Cleveland Indians.

Busy men, hectic schedules. Yet once a month, the two find a way to meet for something that has bonded fathers and sons ever since baseball was invented:

A game of catch.

Mark Chernoff, 63, and his younger son, Mike, 34, began their tradition when “Mikey” was 6. And they do not plan to end it anytime soon.

“We just make it a point to do it,” Mike says. “Sometimes it means we get together on the 31st and first of two months — they both count. But we sure make it happens.”

Says Mark, “It’s still that connection, that we can do this. I love doing it. And I know he loves doing it. Even if my wife, his mom, thinks we’re crazy, we still continue to do it.”

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