Cleveland Indians #TribeSocial night 2015: Chat w/Roberto, big heads everywhere and more

#TribeSocial night was a a hit on the Twitter-sphere on Thursday. Fans at the park — and even some at home — took part in making the night a digital success. Using #TribeSocial all evening, we were trending not only in Cleveland, but nationally as well!

It all started with @Cookie_Carrasco (Carlos Carrasco) greeting us with a selfie from the Twitter Mirror.

Then we lined all the #TribeEmojis for all to see along the dugout.IMG_1056


@Lindor12BC (Francisco Lindor) immediately started dancing around with his.

After doing the nae nae, @DreKnott wanted to get in on the Twitter Mirror game and play guess who?

Tito, who may still not even know what emojis are took a look at his and might have had the quote of the day!

@TheJK_Kid (Jason Kipnis) seemed to really like his emoji. Inspecting every detail. He said he may want one for himself….

After BP we had a player Q&A. @RobPerez2015 (Roberto Perez) was kind enough to come up and join the crowd and answer any and all questions. He fielded pressing inquiries such as: “Who’s the funniest in the clubhouse”,

Of course we needed to take a selfie after.

After 6PM we needed to keep our #TribeSocial people involved. We set up a scavenger hunt around the park and 10 lucky fans won gifts ranging from signed baseballs, bobbleheads and tickets!

It couldn’t be a Social Media Night without involving Periscope! We did a Slider Cam and followed him around and highlighted the Sugardale Hot Dog Derby.

We let the fans play DJ in park too. Fans had to tweet us what song they wanted to jam out to in the 7th inning. ‘B’ won for those wondering…

In-game features included: Guess that player’s handle, #TBT camera, which player tweeted that, and more! Our friend @gallcourtney was lucky enough to be chosen for What player tweeted that and went 3-4 on choices!

All in all, it was a great night for #TribeSocial and @Indians! Thanks for coming out and following along with us all season. We love connecting with you!

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-TribeVibe Contributor, @_ryan_delgado (Ryan Delgado)

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