Cleveland Indians Mentor of the Year nominee Liam McCarthy visits Progressive Field, helps with team photo

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Liam McCarty was nominated for our annual Mentor of the Year contest in January. Just one problem: Our rules stated that the winner had to be 18 or older.

Liam is 12.

So while we had plenty of great candidates and our winners, Ned Barnes and Michael Gong from Carroll Ballers, were worthy, we wanted to recognize Liam for his hard work as a leader and mentor in our community – especially because of his age.

On Saturday, Liam and his friend, Zach, helped Tribe staff with the team’s annual photo day, meeting some of the players and even standing in on a photo with the team.

The treat was well deserved.

According to Liam’s dad, Andrew, Liam has been actively involved in fundraising for worthy causes since he was 6.

“After his first birthday party (at age 6), he decided that all gifts from then on needed to go to a cause,” Andrew said.

Since then, Liam has done multiple food drives for the 2nd Harvest Food Bank of Lorain County, the most recent pair of which generated over 2,000 pounds of soup donations.

The youngster is on the board of Empty Bowls by the Lake, which brings awareness to homelessness and food uncertainty in our community.  He’s also a board member for Light up Avon Lake, raising money for Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in its inaugural year.

He’s been awarded a citation by the City of Avon for his community service work, and was a special guest at 2nd Harvest’s groundbreaking last year. He’s also inspired others his age to get involved, as his friends have turned their birthday parties into charitable events.

In addition to his service work, Liam is an A student in Avon, and is involved in Student Council and Band. He plays lacrosse, basketball, and baseball.

Thanks, Liam, for positively impacting our community!

–TribeVibe contributor Joel Hammond

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WOW great kid!

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