EXCLUSIVE: Answers to all of your Corey Kluber walk-off water gun questions


We were so excited to have our 16-inning marathon game on Tuesday night end — meaning we could go home and get some sleep — we almost missed that Corey Kluber brought a freaking water gun to the celebration, as you see in the GIF above and the video below.

A water gun!

We had to know more. So we tracked down Corey in the clubhouse this afternoon and he gave us the skinny, which is far, far less exciting than we thought it’d be but funny nonetheless.

Was it a super soaker? Yes.

Where and when did you buy it? September 2014, Target

When did you fill it? I refilled it in the middle of the 16th after Danny Salazar shot it off during pregame.

Did you and college teammate and new Indians teammate Chris Johnson ever have water gun fights? (Looks at questioner like he’s crazy) No.

Have you ever shot your eye out like in ‘A Christmas Story’? (Getting angry) No.

Where was the gun during the game? In the dugout.

As it turns out, Danny Salazar borrowed Kluber’s water gun in pregame for nefarious purposes: to spray STO reporter Andre Knott with water. See GIF and photo:





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