At 15 days old, Brantley Fleischer getting early start at being an Indians super fan

We first met Joshua Fleischer and his wife, Nicole, on Twitter, when he sent this Tweet on July 30.

Yes, the couple named their baby girl Brantley. On Saturday, baby Brantley – just 15 days old – took in her first Tribe game at Progressive Field, as she and her parents sat in the Bleachers.

But WAIT! There’s more. Nicole went through labor for 22 hours in delivering Brantley, and — are you sitting down? — watched the same Indians game three times during the labor.

Mom and dad’s connections to the Tribe are pretty wild:

  • They got engaged at Progressive Field.
  • Before they told friends and family about the baby, they used “Brantley” as a code word; it stuck
  • Brantley was minutes away from being born on the 23rd
  • Her first love in a Tribe uniform was, who else, Grady Sizemore

–TribeVibe contributor Ryan Delgado

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