7-year-old Jack Donohoe rewarded for good deed with trip to Cleveland Indians BP at Progressive Field

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Jack Donohoe is 7. At an Indians game earlier this season, though, he showed maturity beyond his years.

His dad, Jeff – a Tribe Season Ticket Holder – emailed Cleveland.com’s Terry Pluto recently with the story of how young Jack made another young fan’s day:

“My wife (Michelle) and young son (Jack) attended a recent Tribe game. We are in a group of Season Ticket Holders.

“Our seats are in the first row behind the plate. We noticed a little girl who had obvious health challenges at a way, way too early age.

“We struck up a conversation with her family in the row directly behind us. She was from Georgia. Her dad was sitting several more rows back. Since we had an empty seat, the family asked if it would be OK if she sat there. They thought she would love being in the first row! Of course we said yes.

“At first my wife was sitting next to her. But then my wife switched seats so the kids could sit next to each other. The kids struck up a conversion and quickly developed a friendship.

“My son was oblivious that she looked a little different without hair. Or maybe he noticed but just didn’t give it a second thought.

“They started swapping stuff. My son shared his candy and American flag pins that we were given for making a donation to a veterans group before the game, and the little girl shared her grapes and smiles.

“In the ninth inning a ball came loose. A Tampa coach or player picked up the ball and turned to toss the ball to the fans. He scanned the crowd. His eyes met mine. I pointed to the little girl who was standing next to me.

“He gave me a big nod of the head and tossed me the ball! Thankfully I caught it with one of the mitts my son and I brought. My son squealed with joy as I caught the ball. There was no way I could just give the ball to this girl we just met.

“I put the ball in his glove, but I suggested we should give the ball to our new friend. He asked why. I said this was her only game for the season. … He shrugged his shoulders and put the ball in her hands!

“People in the first row or two cheered and clapped! When we got back to our seats, the woman who was taking her grandson to the ballparks also clapped and cheered. She was so happy she got a ball too!”

You can read Jeff’s entire story about his son in Terry’s recent column by clicking here. (http://www.cleveland.com/pluto/index.ssf/2015/07/cleveland_indians_have_terry_t_10.html)

We hosted Jeff, his wife and Jack on Friday afternoon; the trio took in batting practice from the field and got to meet a few of the Indians players, including Mike Aviles, who chatted with Jack for five minutes before shagging some fly balls.

How did Jack like it?

“This is cool,” he said.

–TribeVibe contributor Joel Hammond

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