Via Cody Anderson didn’t plan on playing college or professional baseball, but here he is





Cody Anderson is off to a strong start through four outings with the Tribe after a brief stay at Triple-A Columbus: He’s allowed only a 0.89 ERA through those four starts, in 30 innings.

Most surprising? Anderson wasn’t even sure he’d play baseball.

That detail comes from’s Zack Meisel, who has the surprising story of Anderson’s journey to the bigs. His complete story can be read here.

“Anderson had pitched in little league, but when he was 12, he experienced elbow soreness. He and Marie met with a sports orthopedic, who suggested he avoid pitching until his growth plates closed. Anderson primarily played outfield until college.

So, at the sporting goods store, Anderson brought his mother a center fielder’s glove.

“I’m not going to buy it for you if you’re going to be done with baseball after this,” she told him. “If you tell me you’re going to play in college, then I’ll buy you the glove.”

Anderson wandered around the store. As the group started to retreat to the car, he caved.

“She bribed me into it,” Anderson said.

“I bought him the glove and the rest is history,” Marie said.”


-TribeVibe Contributor, Ryan Delgado


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