WKYC’s Matt ‘The Deal Guy’ Granite shows how far $20 can go at Progressive Field


We gave Matt “The Deal Guy” Granite, from WKYC, $20 to spend for this coming Friday night’s game, just to illustrate how far that $20 can go.

This Friday’s game, the opener of a three-game series against the Oakland A’s, features:

  • Sugardale Dollar Dogs
  • $2 Budweiser and Bud Light pregame in the Right Field District
  • Post-game fireworks presented by Wayside Furniture

Matt, who uncovers deals every day on WKYC and across Gannett’s network, opted to include his ticket in the $20; for $10 at Indians.com — $12.50 with fees – you can get an Upper Bleacher ticket at Progressive Field. (Note: These tickets are limited in supply, so get them ASAP because they will sell out, especially for weekend games.)

After that, he purchased three hot dogs (one for his wife, his fake child and himself) and a Budweiser and Bud Light, one for his wife and himself.

Then, he explored all of the new great offerings for kids at the park in the Kids Clubhouse – Little League Park presented by KeyBank, Hammy’s recording booth, interactive clubhouse, Tribe Tracker and more — all of which are FREE with the cost of a ticket.

WATCH Matt spend $20 at Progressive Field by clicking here.

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How much did he pay for parking? Can be a significant expense…🙂

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