Comparing Jason Kipnis’ 50-hit, 30-run month with the last Cleveland Indians player to do it — Jeff Heath in 1938


Finishing the month of August in 1938 on a high note, the Indians defeated Connie Mack’s Philadelphia Athletics by scoring one run in the eighth to tie the game, and two in the top of the ninth to go ahead. The main storyline of the game was the Tribe’s young third basemen, Ken Keltner’s two home runs. The newspapers hardly mentioned left fielder Jeff Heath’s day. Heath went two for five with two RBI and capped a month of production (50+ hits and 30+ runs) –a record not seen again until May 2015.

Jason Kipnis etched his name in baseball history after a month that saw him go 51 for 119. Comparing Kipnis and Heath puts the accomplishment into perspective. Kipnis reached 51 hits in 29 games, 143 plate appearances and 119 at bats. Jeff Heath reached 58 hits in 38 games, 168 plate appearances and 162 at bats.

To honor and preserve the history of this achievement, the Indians have added Kipnis’ bat to the team archive. This bat was broken on May 14, 2015 during Kipnis streak of reaching base three times in seven consecutive games. (Tied a franchise record)

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