From Esquire: ‘Tough Jobs: Cleveland Indians Catcher Yan Gomes’

Gomes Esquire

Photo Mark Lipczynski, Esquire


Catching is a dirty job, and Tribe backstop, Yan Gomes knows it all too well. Esquire magazine has been interviewing big-league catchers on the rigors of what it takes to do their job – day in and day out. Yan fit well for this piece given his unfortunate injury early this season, and even touched on the collision aspect of being a catcher. The Silver Slugger Award winner will be back soon, and we can’t wait to see him in action. (Esquire’s full article can be read by clicking here)

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“The 2015 season was barely a week old when Yan Gomes became the year’s first catcher casualty. Gomes, 27, was protecting the plate in the ninth inning of a close game when Tigers outfielder Rajai Davis slid into his leg, spraining Gomes’ medial collateral ligament.

He didn’t grow up dreaming of playing baseball, let alone becoming a catcher. But a Cuban coach introduced his father to the game and when the family moved to the U.S. when Gomes was 12

What’s the hardest part of being a catcher? Getting 12 to 13 pitchers through the games. It’s a lot of personalities, so you have to be able to compromise with a lot of guys. There’s also a lot studying, to understand the different hitters and different environments — and you have to be able to have your pitchers trust you.

What’s it like to get hit by the ball? Getting hit on the inside of the legs is a tough one; those are the least expected, like a sinker that gets fouled off. Or a hit right off the mask. Those give you a nice smack in the face. But as catchers we all appreciate that it’s something that’s going to happen, so we’ve got to be able to have some pain tolerance.

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