From A 100-year-old and his love of family, golf and the Cleveland Indians


Surely you remember our post about Chuck Yasenka, the 100-year-0ld who recently threw out the first pitch at Progressive Field.’s Zack Meisel wrote a more in-depth profile of , and if possible, Chuck became even cooler. Read the full profile by clicking here.

An excerpt:

Rich Yasenka sat with his father in a car on Ontario Street in the shadow of Progressive Field.

As the two waited for Chuck’s wheelchair, Rich told his father he would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before that evening’s affair.

“You have to be kidding me,” Chuck replied.

By the time he emerged from the opening in the left-field wall and reached the track between the Indians’ dugout and the infield, Chuck had conquered any anxiety he felt, or any anxiety a 100-year-old can possibly experience. After all, this man has twice survived colon cancer, out-lived the 10-year warranty on the Hyundai Sonata he purchased at the age of 90 and maintained an impressive handicap on the golf course until the age of 91. How much could a ceremonial first pitch actually accelerate his heart rate?

Not much, as Rich quickly learned. Chuck turned toward his son and shared a secret.

“I’m going to throw a spitball,” he said.

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