FAQ: New Season Ticket Holder-only entrance at Progressive Field

Gate STH

Season Ticket Holders now have another exclusive perk at Progressive Field: Their very own, Season Ticket Holder-only entrance at the new Right Field Gate!

Upon announcing that news to Season Ticket Holders on Monday, we received a few questions – so we decided to put together a little Q&A on the topic.

If Season Ticket Holders have any other questions regarding the new entrance, they should contact their Client Service Specialist or call 216-420-HITS.

How will you know I’m a Season Ticket Holder, and conversely, that people aren’t Season Ticket Holders to prevent them from taking advantage of the new gate?

Your tickets denote your support of our club as a Season Ticket Holder. Both Print at Home tickets and digital tickets managed through the Ballpark app explicitly identify Season Ticket Holder tickets, while Tribe Rewards Exchanges also have identifiers that ballpark staff will know indicates Season Ticket Holders.

If tickets are forwarded to friends and they add to passbook (don’t have ballpark app) will it say STH?

Only Season Ticket Holders using Passbook to enter the ballpark will be allowed through the gate. The gate staff will look at the Seat Locator on Passbook tickets to identify Season Ticket Holders. (Since this occurs after entrance through the walk-through metal detectors, we will monitor usage of this perk by non-Season Ticket Holders and adjust as needed. But we will allow Season Ticket Holders using Passbook to enter the new Season Ticket Holder-only entrance.)

Does this affect distribution of promotions?

It does not. Unless reserved through Promo Pass or through Tribe Rewards, promotional items will be given out on a first come, first served basis at all gates. We encourage Season Ticket Holders to arrive early, especially on high-demand dates, to ensure they receive a promotional item. New this year: Promotional items only will be available at the Tribe Rewards kiosk on the day of the game, and then available on the Tribe Rewards site beginning the morning after the game.

What about tickets outside of my plan? Can I use the Season Ticket Holder-only entrance for those tickets?

Only tickets exchanged via Tribe Rewards and those tickets that are part of your Season Ticket plan will have the appropriate designation to allow you to enter the new Season Ticket Holder-only entrance. Single Game tickets purchased in addition to your plan tickets and Tribe Rewards exchanges will not be accepted at the Season Ticket Holder entrance. We are actively looking for a way for those tickets to be accepted at new entrance, but at this time, unfortunately, they will not be.

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I parked in the Tri-C lot, since it’s immediately across the street from my seats. Are they planning any sort of season ticket holder line over by the gate off of Carnegie? The process of using the ballpark app where they scan my tickets on my phone is extremely long. It holds up the line and irritates everyone behind me.

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