Chuck Booth stops at Progressive Field on his quest of seeing 216 games in one season


How do you top a world record of visiting all 30 Major League ballparks in just 23 days? By seeing 216 baseball games in just one season.

In 2012, Chuck Booth claimed the official world record for fastest time to visit all Major League Baseball parks by seeing 30 ballparks in just 23 days. But when he set out to accomplish this, the goal was always to see at least one baseball game every day of the season.

“This trip (seeing one game every day of the season) was my ask for the MLB Fan Cave when they had auditions. I was one of the final guys to get cut from that in 2011,” explained Booth. “I said why not have someone go to the park every single day of the year, and that way my quest. I wanted to do it in 2012, but I just didn’t get enough worked out, so then I decided to go for my record.”

After breaking that record in 2012, Booth started planning his quest – one game for every day of the season. But he went above and beyond, planning 216 games in what is typically a 180-day season.

In addition to doing these trips for the fun of it, Booth decided to use his story as a way to campaign for the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI), which aims to advance the study and prevention of head injuries. This mission is very personal to Booth, who has a history of concussions from his time playing sports.

When seeing 216 games in one season, some doubleheaders are necessary. But unlike in his record of 30 parks in 23 days, Booth doesn’t have to fly in order to make the games.

“I have about 45 doubleheaders scheduled,” Booth said. “Mostly they’re New York to Philadelphia, Philadelphia to Washington, Chicago to Milwaukee; usually 100 miles or under.”

Booth will see the most games, about 40, at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia due to family living nearby. Other frequent visits for the season are Nationals Park with 30, Yankee Stadium with 25, Fenway with 15, Camden Yards with 15 and Citi Field with about 10.

Booth’s visit to Progressive Field on May 2 was his 36th game since the season started on April 6. That’s 36 games in just 28 days. His only day without seeing a game in person was April 7 when the Cubs and Cardinals game was rained out at Wrigley Field.

Good luck on your quest, Chuck. We look forward to having you back at Progressive Field!


-TribeVibe contributor Angela Martin

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