From Chile to Tribe Town

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Fan travels over continents to watch Indians baseball

Baseball is a global game – players come from all over the world to play in Major League Baseball and the same can be said for it’s fans. Alex Ratinoff, of Chile, South America made a point to support his favorite team last night. Ratinoff attended his first ever Major League Baseball while the Tribe was in Chicago to play the division rival White Sox.

Ratinoff’s Indians roots come from several places: His two uncles reside in the Metro-Cleveland area and are the main source of his fandom. “I’ve been a long time Indians fan because my uncles gave me an Indians hat when I was younger, I’ve been a fan ever since.”

Like most of us, he remembers the Indians of the 90s very well. In 1997 he stayed up late (4AM) to watch the World Series replay because of it not being played live and in a different time zone in Chile. He now gets to know the Tribe teams of today through technology with his MLBtv App.

Alex came stateside for a trade show & work in Indianapolis, but made sure to plan it out where he could finally see his team play in person. We’re glad we could get a win for him! Gracias, Alex

-TribeVibe contributor, Ryan Delgado

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