Tribe Equipment Loaded, and Heading to Goodyear!

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The surest sign that cold weather, snow, and the Cleveland winter are almost gone? Cleveland Indians trucks stuffed to the rim, leaving Progressive Field with gear and equipment heading to Goodyear, Ariz. for Spring Training!

Two full, 53 foot tractor trailers are making their way to the Cleveland Indians Spring Training Facility and plan to arrive between Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning. Once the trucks reach their final destination they’re unpacked quickly. This allows for the Indians players to hit the ground running and prepare for a successful upcoming season.

“When we arrive we’ll have the locker room functional by Wednesday late afternoon” said Clubhouse Manager Tony Amato.

The packing and planning for a trip of this magnitude is no easy task, and goes all the way back to as soon to the day that the 2014 season ended, Amato said

“Our ordering was done in October and November and then the stuff came in after the first of the year” He said, “It’s been about a five week process as we get ready.”

By Amato’s estimate, between the two trucks there are about 50 pallets of various items including: bats, balls, sunflower seeds, weights, uniforms, golf clubs, and yes, even Terry Francona’s famous scooter. By the way, in case you missed it: We have a Francona scooter bobblehead on our 2015 promotional schedule.

Amato said that having a year-round operation at the Arizona facility is something that makes he and his colleagues’ jobs easier, as well as the organization as a whole.

“What we have is functional. We have guys there right now working out. (Goodyear Clubhouse Manager, Fletcher Wilkes) does a great job taking care of the guys and it’s a huge difference to have our own facility year round,” Amato Said

In all, stuff being shipped includes:

  • 1,500 dozen baseballs
  • 35 plus bikes
  • 18 to 24 bats per player
  • 1 pallet of Bertman Ballpark Mustard
  • 12 pallets of bottled water
  • 100 plus uniform sets
  • Thousands of pounds of player equipment
  • 1 red scooter

Pitchers and catchers report to Goodyear on Feb. 18, with the team’s first full-squad workout set for Feb. 24.

-TribeVibe contributor Ryan Delgado



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