Indians fan travels from Australia to attend Tribe Fest

TribeVibe - Australia

We had a lot of fans come out for Tribe Fest this weekend, but it’s pretty safe to say that none traveled further than Simon Connor. Simon flew in from Australia to check out Tribe Fest, see his favorite team and meet some players of whom he is a huge fan.

Simon has been a Tribe fan since he was about 3 years old, but he didn’t grow up watching the team live at then-Jacobs Field. His love for the Indians came from watching the movie “Major League.” Major League shows a fictional Cleveland Indians team and its owner, who puts together an awful roster in order to get the team relocated. Once the team figures out the owner’s plan, they start winning just to prove her wrong. The movie came out when Simon was a kid, and he has been a Tribe fan ever since.

“Back when I was growing up baseball wasn’t very big, and when I was three the movie (Major League) was coming out. So I thought – Indians. Done. I’ll follow them,” he said Saturday at Progressive Field.

When Simon was a kid, Indians games were rarely on TV. He explained that bigger name teams like the Yankees or the Red Sox would have games shown in Australia, but Indians games were tough to come by. However Simon was able to watch in 1995 when the Indians were battling for the World Series title against the Atlanta Braves. There was also a sibling rivalry happening.

“My brother is a massive Braves fan, and my dad is for the Phillies,” Simon said. “So in 1995 World Series my brother was pretty happy and I was pretty upset.”

While at Tribe Fest this weekend, Simon got the chance to interact with some of the players and got autographs from Mike Aviles, Yan Gomes, Cody Allen and Trevor Bauer. He was also excited to see Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus, who are his connection to the Tribe during the season.

“I have headphones on at work, and I listen to the radio with the At Bat app on my phone,” he said. “People know not to talk to me during that time at work because I’m listening to the Tribe. They know if they’re winning or losing, that’s for sure. I’m in a bad mood if the Indians lost that day, so they know to just leave me alone for a while.”

Being from Australia, Simon rarely has the chance to see the Indians play live in person. His first time at Progressive Field was in 2013 when he came to Cleveland for a 10-game homestand. He said that seeing his favorite team play in person was like a dream come true.

Simon will be in the U.S. vacationing for the next five weeks and plans to see a few Cavs games and then head over to Boston and New York, among other cities, to catch up with some friends.

Glad you could make it to Tribe Fest, Simon! Go Tribe.

– TribeVibe contributor Angela Martin

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