Couple featured in Cleveland Indians #12DaysofTribe winning photo has pretty cool story

You may remember this picture from last week, from our #12DaysofTribe contest on social media. (Thanks to Dustin Dykes for sending it in!)

Well, as it turns out, that couple in the picture has a pretty cool story.

When she saw the picture, the couple’s daughter, Jill McGarr, contacted us on Twitter and said, “Those are my parents!”

So, we wanted some background. Here’s what Jill emailed in:

Their names are John (Jake) and Judy Jacobson.

The 70 signifies that year (2005) when they both turned 70… my sister and I thought it would be cool for them to have matching jerseys.

My mom is a Cleveland native. Dad was born in Grassflat, Pa., and moved here in elementary school. He met my mom in fifth grade. They have been together ever since.

They are alumni of Rhodes High School.

As far as I know, they have been Tribe fans their whole lives!

They have been Season Ticket Holders since 1993, I believe… I know they had at least one year at the old stadium. They share their seats with a few other people, but they are the administrators. I believe they go to at

least 10 games per year.

Next year (2015) they are both turning 80. We were wondering how we could top their 70th gifts!

This, we think you’ll agree, is what being a baseball fan is all about: Creating memories, connecting generations and celebrating families.

Happy 80th birthdays, Jake and Judy!

-TribeVibe contributor Joel Hammond

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