Kluber Girls Celebrate with Their Husband, Father after Cy Young Announcement

Following Indians Cy Young Corey Kluber’s historical night on Wednesday, his wife, Amanda Kluber, and daughters, Kendall and Kennedy, were eager to celebrate his achievement.

While Amanda tuned into MLB Network with Corey, their daughters watched their dad on the television at home.

“I don’t think they really knew what was going on leading up to the announcement,” Amanda said, “but Kendall was excited to see her daddy on TV.”

Corey, who finished tied for 1st in the American League in wins (18) and starts (34), 2nd in strikeouts (269), and third in ERA (2.44) and innings pitched (235.2), won the award by just 10 points over Seattle’s Felix Hernandez.

Amanda said she got the “thumbs up” when she found out that Corey had won.

“I was overjoyed with the decision,” she said. “He works so hard, and I was happy that he was recognized for that.”

Once Corey and Amanda had returned home, friends dropped off balloons that Kendall quickly presented to her dad.

Kendall also helped Amanda plan a surprise of her own for Corey as the girls had an Oreo ice cream cake waiting for him at home.

“When asking Kendall what Corey won tonight, she just acted out him pitching—including the shirt pull after he pitches,” Amanda said.

And for those wondering whether or not Corey followed through with that bath he said he would give his daughters?

“I gave him the night off,” Amanda said.

Okay, he probably deserves a break, but just for a night.

–Megan Golden, TribeVibe contributor


I really enjoyed watching Kluber pitch but watching him with his family warms my heart! Korey also gets the GoodGuy award! Way to go Kluber!

Well deserved!

Way to go Korey!! Proud Indians n Kluber fan here. Congratulations on your win.

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