Kluber: Stoic on the mound, a prankster off the field


Everyone knows that Corey Kluber is stoic on the mound. Heck, we based a lot of our #VoteKluber campaign around the All-Star Game around his stoic nature.

But, did you know Corey is also a prankster, with a fantastic sense of humor? To wit:

The chicken is back – May 2: The Indians went 0-6 on a West Coast trip to San Francisco and Anaheim. So after an off day, the Rally Chicken was back – sort of.

Justin Masterson was the brains behind last year’s Rally Chicken stunt, in which the players brought a live chicken to mess with Cody “Chicken Al” Allen. This year, after that losing trip, Kluber brought out a chicken costume to wear and lighten the mood. The Indians won six of their next eight.

JK Construction Co. – July 11: Rumors have it – but are unconfirmed – that Jason Kipnis likes to break things when he’s frustrated. So to presumably poke fun at his destructive teammate, Kluber had JK Construction Co. shirts made for the rest of the group, with a fun fake company slogan on the back: I break it. You fix it.

Rust Cohle impersonation – August 18: With a little help from our friends at MLB Fan Cave, Kluber tried his hand at acting in a spoof of HBO’s “True Detective” show. Corey took on the Rust Cohle and nailed it, the video of which you can see below:

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