Get to Know: Indians outfielder Zach Walters


Lots of new faces in the Tribe clubhouse these days, so we’re going to help you get to know some of the guys in a new “Get To Know” feature. We’ll ask about baseball stuff, non-baseball stuff and more.

First up – Zach Walters, who came over in the Asdrubal Cabrera trade and made a big splash at Columbus right away, including a two-homer game. Walters notched his first big-league hit as a member of the Indians organization on Wednesday.

Name: Zach Walters

Position: Outfielder

Born: Cheyenne, Wyo. (fun fact – there have been 14 big-leaguers born in Wyoming, including Walters)

College/school: University of San Diego

How acquired: Via trade with Washington on July 31, in exchange for Asdrubal Cabrera

Best memory in an Indians uniform?: Has to be the Aviles, Kipnis and Chisenhall tarp slide.

Best slip and slider: Has to be Mikey – he was the most enthusiastic for sure.

Other sports played?: Football and basketball

Favorite visiting city/ballpark?: I like both New York ballparks (Citi Field and Yankee Stadium)

Favorite non-baseball activity?: Ping pong, for sure (we asked him he’d tried out the table near the clubhouse featured in this video of the Sklar brothers vs. Joe Smith/Tony Sipp, but he hasn’t yet)

Favorite place to visit/restaurant in Cleveland?: I have no idea yet …

Favorite movie?: “The Count of Monte Cristo”/

Favorite TV show: I’m a big car guy, so I like “Overhaulin’” and anything dealing with cars (

Favorite non-baseball teams?: I’m definitely a Manziel and LeBron fan; also the actual USC Trojans – not South Carolina, the real USC

Favorite band/music artist?: Kings of Leon

Favorite Twitter account you follow?: @ughposts

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