Get To Know: Indians outfielder Tyler Holt (first in a series)


Lots of new faces in the Tribe clubhouse these days, so we’re going to help you get to know some of the guys in a new “Get To Know” feature. We’ll ask about baseball stuff, non-baseball stuff and more.

First up – Tyler Holt, who made his first big-league start on Wednesday, only to have it washed away (but not before he made a spectacular catch). He then made his real first big-league start on Wednesday.

Name: Tyler Holt

Position: Outfielder

Born: Marion, Ind.

Resides: Gainesville, Fla.

College/school: Florida State University

How acquired: 10th-round selection in 2010 MLB Amateur Draft

Best memory in an Indians uniform?: Probably standing on second base at Yankee Stadium and talking with Derek Jeter. (Holt pinch-ran in Sunday’s 4-1 win over New York.) He said, “congrats, stay healthy and good luck.”

Other sports played?: Played football and soccer

Favorite visiting city/ballpark?: Yankee Stadium (again – the only visiting ballpark in which he’s seen game action)

Favorite non-baseball activity?: I’ve really gotten into “NHL” hockey on Xbox, and golf – real-life golf

Favorite place to visit/restaurant in Cleveland?: Chipotle (in his defense, he’s only been here for a few days)

Favorite TV show?: I’m getting into “Game of Thrones”

Favorite non-baseball teams?: Florida State

Favorite band/music artist?: Any rap (Holt’s walkup music is John Cena’s “My Time is Now,” but Holt isn’t necessarily as big a wrestling fan today as he was at a younger age; he simply kept the same walkup music from his time with the Columbus Clippers)

Favorite Twitter account you follow?: @UberFacts. “I’m not sure if some of the stuff they send out is even true, but it’s pretty cool and outrageous.”

Best slip and slider from Tuesday night: Aviles, because he’s the one who called Tito from the dugout to ask what the fine was, and then all of a sudden he hung up and sprinted out there. I have to give it to him on pure forcefulness.

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