Yan and Yan: The younger inspires the elder to a big day


Six-year-old Yan Perez threw out a ceremonial first pitch on Sunday afternoon, which is a pretty awesome experience.

Fairly cool, too: Yan shares the name of Yan Gomes, the Tribe’s catcher.

Yan and Yan got to know each other a little before Sunday’s Indians-Royals game. The elder Yan spoke highly of his younger namesake, who inspired Gomes – the Tribe catcher hit a two-run homer in the second inning of Cleveland’s win over KC.

The younger Yan, a little star-struck, said “Yeah” when asked if he had fun; he said throwing the pitch was “cool.” (Forgive him for his brevity!)

The duo met up again after the game and high-fived, and Yan spoke highly of Perez’s impact on him in his postgame TV interview.

Yan Perez was given the experience through a Ronald McDonald House raffle; the winner of the raffle donated it to Yan and his family.

–Angela Martin

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This is precious.

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