Injured Marion police officer experiences ‘highlight of my life’ at Progressive Field


The Indians played host to the Detroit Tigers on Monday, and another very special visitor.

Cory Winfield, a police officer in Marion, Ohio, was forced to retire after being struck by an underage drunk driver, who ran a red light and T-boned Cory on his bike. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken pelvis.

After the accident, his wife, Lindsey said, the couple spent over three months in Columbus-area hospitals during Cory’s recovery. He had to have a part of his skull removed during his recovery.

But during that time, his love of baseball never wavered. Lindsey brought Corey to Monday’s game, but the sixth-row seats she got for him weren’t the only surprise: When the Indians learned that Cory was coming, he was given field access during Batting Practice, where he met Michael Bourn, Jason Giambi and others.

“It’s the highlight of my life,” he told FOX 8. (Watch Fox 8’s report here: screenshot above courtesy of FOX 8 video.)

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