‘Dr. Smooth’ is official, added to Brantley’s Baseball Reference page


If you’re one of the few people left who don’t know or refuse to recognize Dr. Smooth, get to it: It’s official.

“Dr. Smooth” has reached the pinnacle for baseball nicknames: It recently was added to Michael Brantley’s Baseball Reference page. There, it joins the Sultan of Swat — “The Sultan of Swat!” (Sandlot reference alert!) – Hammerin’ Hank and other legendary monikers in baseball lore.

Brantley, who came to Cleveland in the 2007 CC Sabtathia trade, earned the nickname for his tendency to perform well in clutch situations. This season, Dr. Smooth has performed well in nearly all situations: He’s among the league leaders in RBI, hits and home runs, and is poised to make his first AL All-Star team.

Brantley is here to stay, as well: In February, Brantley signed a contract extension through at least 2017.

–TribeVibe contributor Joel Hammond


And let’s not forget who gave him the moniker, Dennis Manaloff AKA D-Man!

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