Guarantee your Vizquel jersey with convenient Promo Pass program!

One of the great new features at Progressive Field for the 2014 season is Promo Pass, which will allow fans to secure promotional items in advance for a small fee without having to arrive at the ballpark early.

Promo Pass will be available on five dates this summer, with the first rapidly approaching:

  • Omar Vizquel jersey courtesy of Medical Mutual, June 21 (2,000 Promo Pass tickets)
  • Jason Kipnis bobblehead courtesy of FirstEnergy, July 8 (2,000 Promo Pass tickets)
  • Jim Thome replica Progressive Field statue courtesy of KeyBank, August 2 (2,000 Promo Pass tickets)

Since the program is new, here are some answers to questions we have heard and anticipate hearing.

Question: How do I secure a Promo Pass ticket?

Answer: Visit, where tickets to the above five games are available.

Question: Do I have to buy a Promo Pass ticket to get a promotional item?

Answer: Not at all. Fans are able to secure a promotional item by arriving at the ballpark before each game’s promotional item quantity has been exhausted. For fans who do not want to wait in line when gates open, or who do not want to risk arriving to the gate after the promotional item quantity has been exhausted, Promo Pass offers a convenient, inexpensive option to reserve a promotional item

Question: How many Promo Pass tickets are available? Does that mean there are fewer items at the gates?

Answer: For the Hershiser bobblehead, there will be 1,000 Promo Pass tickets; for the others listed above, there will be 2,000 Promo Pass tickets. Gate quantities will be unaffected; in fact, we’ve increased the gate quantities on the Brohio bobblehead, Vizquel jersey, Kipnis bobblehead and Thome replica statue to 12,500 this season. So for those four games, promotional item quantity has been increased to a total of 14,500.

Question: I have a Promo Pass ticket. Where do I go when I arrive at the ballpark to receive my promotional item?

Answer: There will be convenient redemption locations clearly marked directly inside gates A and C. When you arrive at the ballpark, ticket takers will see your ticket marked as a Promo Pass ticket and will direct you to those kiosks.

Question: Is there a cutoff point for when I can redeem my Promo Pass ticket?

Answer: Promo Pass tickets must be redeemed at the convenient redemption locations inside gates A and C before the end of the third inning.

Question: How do Season Ticket Holders take advantage of the program?

Answer: Season ticket holders can secure themselves any of this year’s great promotional items using Tribe Rewards points. This includes not only the items featured in the Promo Pass program but 8 additional items, including a Kenny Lofton replica jersey, a Terry Francona replica jersey, and a Michael Bourn bobblehead.

Unlike single game buyers, who must be present at a game to receive that day’s promotional item, Season Ticket Holders can redeem points for items whether they attend those games or not

To make the process as convenient as possible, Season Ticket Holders will be able to collect all of the promotional items they select in just one trip to Progressive Field, by contacting their CSS representative.

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