Exclusive interview with the Progressive Field squirrel


In case you missed it during Monday night’s Indians-Royals game, a squirrel made its way onto the field and had a jolly good time with the wide expanse of lush, green grass at Progressive Field, as evidenced by the video below:

We also have a bunch of photos of the squirrel’s outfield soiree, which started during Royals BP and quite clearly carried over into the game.

Very early this morning, in an exclusive interview, we caught up with the squirrel for an interview. He agreed to the interview on the basis of his location remaining anonymous.

TribeVibe: That was really nuts last night, huh?

Squirrel: Congratulations, you’re the 3 billionth person to ever use that pun. There is a prize.

TV: Oh, a sarcastic squirrel. Very well … How’d you get into the ballpark?

Squirrel: I bought a $10 Upper Bleacher ticket online and used paperless ticketing to save the most money, like you all told me to. (By the way, did you know they’re available for the rest of this series?)

Just kidding. I weigh one pound and about 6 inches wide. I can get wherever I want to go.

TV: The fans really seemed to like you. The grounds crew, not so much.

Squirrel: Those guys get no love, so I wanted to try to get them some face time on the TV broadcasts. They were appreciative of my efforts, trust me.

TV: We noticed Swish tried to pick you up in his glove; after the game, he said, “I just kind of thought I’d put my glove down and give him a nice little home to come into.” But you rebuffed his efforts. Why?

Squirrel: No offense, bro, but I need my down time. I can’t be ‘on’ all the time. I’ve seen that bunk mates video with Mike Polk (http://tribevibe.mlblogs.com/2014/03/24/post-harlem-shake-nick-swisher-makes-a-new-best-bud-in-goodyear/), that gave me nightmares.

TV: What’s next for you?

Squirrel: I’m thinking about a Season Ticket package at the ballpark … Did you know Indians Season Ticket Holders in 2013 saved on average 40% over walkup purchasers? That’s a pretty dang good deal!

Just kidding. I’m a gosh darn squirrel, I’m going to do whatever the heck I want! Maybe I’ll see you again soon, Tribe Town!

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