Three generations of Tribe fans enjoy grandson’s first game


There’s nothing like taking in a baseball game with your family.

Larry Mitchell — who was born in 1948, the year the Indians last won a World Series — would bring his sons, Scott and David, to Tribe games when they were kids. Now Scott Mitchell is passing on his love of the game to his four-year old son, Andrew.

“This is Andrew’s first Indians game ever, so he’s pretty excited,” Scott said last week at Progressive Field. Even at the ripe old age of 4, Andrew already has a love for pitching. “He is looking forward to playing baseball this summer.”

Scott also works for Indians Radio Network affiliate WLEC Sandusky, which has been airing Tribe games for decades. His family cherishes memories from the 90’s at then Jacobs Field, remembering Lofton scaling the center field fence to steal a home run — but Scott said one of his favorite moments was the infamous Giambi walk-off last year.

Maybe someday Andrew will bring his son to the ballpark to eat cracker jacks, drink too much hot chocolate, and cheer like crazy for the home team.

— TribeVibe contributor Courtney Shilling

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