A chat with Brohio Gov about rocking first weekend


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(Editor’s Note: Get your Brohio tickets for April 18 and April 19 vs. Toronto by clicking here. As of Thursday at 2PM, tickets were $32, but those prices will rise as the game nears. Get them now and save!)

Judging by Tweets out of Brohio this past weekend, it sure seemed like Adam Gockowski had a successful first run as our Governor.



As the next Brohio weekend rapidly approaches – as of right now, tickets are only $31.25 for Friday, April 18 and $31.25 for Saturday, April 19, and you get this cool new Brohio design T-shirt – we wanted to catch up with Adam to see how things went and what he has up his sleeve.

His responses:

TribeVibe: How did the first weekend go?

AG: The first series was a huge learning experience. I realized a lot of good and bad right off the bat: I’m not a 7-foot purple mascot – Editor’s Note: Slider takes exception to that stereotype! — so it took a while for people to realize who I was and what I was trying to do. I look like the average dude in the stands. So Friday, between the team being down for six innings, no hitting, cold, wet, late, everything, it was hard to get people into it at first.

Once I got the flag, people started realizing that “He’s the Governor!” and it started making sense to them. They started warming up to the idea. Before both games, I get there early and talk to EVERYONE in the stands. … People really enjoyed that, (and took) tons of pictures right away. They LOVE taking pictures with me and the flag. I mean people of all ages.

Saturday, when the fans got Brohio signs, they got into the idea! They were standing up when Swisher was up to bat, holding the signs, and were chanting with me! Even with a losing score and an afternoon game time, people were still getting into it. The biggest hit is the shirts! They LOVE the shirts.

Once the weather gets warmer, everyone is in matching shirts, with Brohio signs, and my presence is more known, without a doubt, the section will be UNREAL! Other sections on Saturday were paying attention. I think the little things like letting fans take pictures with me and the flag, talking before the game to them, their Brohio signs and (other) small stuff will have a big impact on the section. I will have a fun and comfortable crowd to work with. Series after series, we’ll get the crowd we want! The opening series, majority of fans was pleasantly surprised to find out where they were and their benefits.

TribeVibe: How did you get the section fired up? Were your fellow Brohio residents eager to participate?

AG: Awareness is key, it’s huge. So, to help myself and the Tribe, I have been very active on Twitter. I want to build it as much as possible in between each Brohio series. In the last 10 days, I’ve gained 1,021 followers. That’s an average of 100 a day. I retweet those who’ve sat in Brohio, I ask them fun questions, I comment back, I’m very hands on. In a weird way, I’m trying to sell myself to the fans. If they like me and I’m entertaining, knowing that I’ll 100% be in 117 on Fridays and Saturdays, they might buy just to be around that. They’ll get the chance to ask me stuff in person, take a pic with the flag, get the shirt, everything.

TribeVibe: What else do you have up your sleeve?

AG: I will be doing Twitter contests — tickets, shirts perhaps.

We’re going to get a hashtag going. I started #whatswishsays, where fans will create their own Swish like phrase, then tweet it out with that hashtag.

Once again, me being active with them on twitter in general is huge. If I’m active, they’ll buy. When they buy, we get the crowd that wants to be a part of the atmosphere. We get the crowd, we get the fan energy that we want. We get the energy, we get known in Major League Baseball.

Remember, Tribe fans: Right now, tickets are only $31 for Friday and Saturday, April 18-19; Buy Early and Save as those prices could go up! Tickets come with the new design of a Brohio shirt.

–TribeVibe contributor Joel Hammond

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