Important Autograph Ticket Info for this Weekend

TribeFest Paperless

Autograph tickets will be marked with assigned times (blue box), and player group (red box). See below for details on Paperless/Print-at-Home and Paper tickets.

The second annual Tribe Fest, presented by KeyBank, takes place this weekend, and if you’ve purchased Autograph tickets for the event, we have a special guide to help you find your assigned Autograph session as easily as possible.

This year, fans are able to purchase tickets that include guaranteed autograph sessions with Indians Roster players, Alumni or Prospects. Each session has an assigned time, and location, and fans are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to their assigned session.

The four-digit time indicator specifies the time that Autograph session starts. (Please note that fans are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to the autograph sessions.)

The six-digit code indicates the autograph group you purchased with your ticket. See below for a complete list of autograph session types:

Paperless Zoom

  • Roster A Adult — ROAADT
  • Roster A Child — ROACHD
  • Roster B Adult — ROBADT
  • Roster B Child — ROBCHD
  • Prospect Adult — PROADT
  • Prospect Child — PROCHD
  • Alumni Adult — ALUADT
  • Alumni Child — ALUCHD

If you have a Paper ticket then please see the image below for where (and when) to find your Autograph session.

TF Ticket

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