Chris Perez keeps promise to 20-year Season Ticket Holders

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In the midst of chasing down the “Rally Chicken” in the outfield yesterday, I stumbled into a really heartwarming gesture from Tribe closer Chris Perez.

A couple of 20-year Season Ticket Holders yelled to Perez, asking if he had brought their jersey today. CP ran off the field and returned with a bundled up signed jersey, subsequently hurling it into the stands to the fans.

While he was away, I asked them how they knew Chris. “Oh we’ve known him forever, being Season Ticket Holders since ’94.” The couple went on to explain that when they saw him at Spring Training this year, he promised he’d give them a jersey of his this season.

Sometimes it’s the little things like this — that most fans may not hear about — that make all the difference.

– TribeVibe contributor Courtney Shilling


That’s Charlie and his wife, whose name I’ve forgotten! I met them at spring training this year, they’re great!

Way to go Chris!!

cool, CP…

I knew you were a great person. Way to go.

Chris was amazingly cool to them during Spring Training, talking joking and sharing some good stories. That’s the experience fans can have when you come out and enjoy Spring Training. I don’t want to start thinking about Spring Training, not quite yet—but it’s a great experience. Chris rocks with this gesture!

Love it!

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