This Chicken has made it from the Farm System to Big League BP in Cleveland

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If you thought the Cleveland Indians were finished with September call ups from the farm system, think again.

Where did this chicken come from and how did it get to Progressive Field? Well, that depends on who you ask.

“I got the chicken from the father of a friend of a friend,” Justin Masterson said. Very descriptive, Masty. When asked who was behind this shenanigans, Masterson insisted he was simply delivering the chicken. “You could say it was a conglomerate of the bullpen guys.”

Chris Perez said the chicken was Cody Allen’s, although another rumor is that the fowl is simply named “Cody” after Cody Allen. Further speculation suggests the chicken is a gift to Allen.

Whatever the chicken’s deal is, it appeared to be pretty comfortable in the outfield and on the warning track. Shagging a few fly balls didn’t faze “Cody” at all.

Why the chicken? “Maybe they are sacrificing it?” one of the groundscrew guys said, referencing “Major League”.

No word on that yet — and from batting practice, it appeared the bullpen and the chicken are friends of a feather. The fowl even has a little block C cape.

— TribeVibe contributor Courtney Shilling

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