Three-year old Tribe fan gets an awesome Thank You from Vinnie Pestano

vinnie shoes2

When Vinnie Pestano was optioned to Columbus, he had a fan looking to cheer him up. “William wanted to make him happy,” his mother, Kim Lauver-Fletcher said.


Three-year old William may be small, but he’s a huge Tribe fan deep in enemy territory.

William and Elise were checking the mail every day, waiting to see what Vinnie would send them. Finally, a special package arrived with this:

Vinnie cleats

She went on to say that William won’t stop wearing the cleat around…even on her new wood floors.

“These guys really go above and beyond,” Lauver-Fletcher said. “He really did not need to do any of this. When we sent the picture to Columbus, I didn’t even know if it would make it to him!”

I think it’s safe to say Vinnie and William are both happy his picture found it’s way there.

— TribeVibe contributor Courtney Shilling


Vinnie…you really are what the game of baseball is all about! Good luck with your career and thanks again for changing the world just a little bit with your kind gesture.

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