Get to know Fox Sports Ohio Girl — and lifelong Tribe fan — Sara

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Fox Sports Ohio girl Sara vividly remembers her days as a 5-year-old, when she would curl up with her father to watch Cleveland Indians games throughout the summer. At a young age, her father convinced her that watching the Tribe was more fun than playing with her toys outside.

The father-daughter duo made bets every time a new player stepped up to the plate, guessing whether or not the batter would record a hit and ultimately keeping track of the winner each at-bat.

To this day, Sara thinks of her father at Tribe games as she still guesses whether the batter will get a hit. The difference? Sara has moved from her living room couch to the Fox Sports Ohio (FSO) spotlight, where she cheers on her team in front of thousands of fans in Ohio.

Sara was hired nearly one year ago as one of the Fox Sports Ohio Girls. A Cleveland native, she assists with much of FSO’s communication and fan engagement.

“We do a lot of everything, but we really stick to our hometown teams,” she said. “We cheer on and root for all of our hometown teams.”

Sara typically attends Indians and Cavaliers games during each team’s respective season. Her co-worker, Kristine, represents the Cincinnati Reds, and both girls attend Columbus Crew games and Ohio State sporting events.

“She is awesome; we are like best friends,” Sara said of Kristine. “We come together for a lot of Columbus events; Columbus is kind of the central [location] for all of Ohio. It’s so good to work with someone who is your friend.”

Outside of filming FSO advertisements and attending sporting events in Ohio, the girls are presented with many opportunities to travel the country. She will be at the Fox Sports fantasy football draft in Los Angeles, and Kristine will attend the 2013 All-Star Game in New York.

Sara, whose father and grandfather are former Marines, said her trip to an army base in Germany with Fox Sports National (FSN) has been her most memorable experience thus far. The FSO Girls spent time with military families in the area, contributing to FSN’s “Bring Spring Training to the Troops” series.

“We went to [an] army base in Germany for a couple days and did all sorts of things with families living there,” she said. “We brought a little bit of home back to them. That was an amazing opportunity. Being able to give back to families was really cool.”

Sara was never much of an athlete, but she has always been a performer. She has most recently been hired as a Cleveland Indians in-park host, where she spends most of her free time.

“I just started, and it’s so much fun and I’m learning a lot,” she said. “Ryan [Pritt] — our resident in-park host — does an awesome job; he’s been showing me the ropes. I’m just so happy to be a part of the Indians because I’ve always loved being here as a fan and cheering them on. Being an even bigger part of that is really amazing.”

To learn more about the Fox Sports Ohio Girls, check out or follow Sara and Kristine on Facebook or Twitter (@FSOhio_Girls).

–TribeVibe contributor Megan Golden

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sara, I read your story and it sounds like you had an awesome relationship with your father. even though your not athletic, you do one heck of a job as a fox sports ohio girl. keep up the good work. you are one beautiful young lady.

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