30 games in 30 days in 30 parks — with 30 dates?


Not to belittle the effort, but the whole “visiting all 30 MLB parks in a season” has become a bit cliché.

Heck, even doing it in 30 days isn’t so unique anymore.

Jon Schade knows this. So to separate himself from those who have come before him, he added another wrinkle: Try to take a blind date to each game.

And he’s been mostly successful – in lining up the dates, at least.

Schade visited Cleveland and Progressive Field on Sunday on Day 22 of his trip. He was in Detroit on Saturday night, drove to Cleveland Sunday morning, and drove back to Detroit Sunday night to take a cheaper flight to Tampa for Monday.

And on 15 of those 22 days, he’s taken a date with him to the game, each of whom he’d just met in person for the first time.

“I wanted to separate myself,” he said.

He’s done so by asking friends from across the country to possibly set him up with someone to attend a game.

The 31-year-old Columbus, Ind., resident, originally from Chicago, was working in radio in Columbus until he left the station for which he worked. Then came the idea. He said he’ll likely make the 30-day trek for under $7,000, though “I’ve never thought about the money,” he said.

–TribeVibe contributor Joel Hammond

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